The contractor must protect the public from all potential hazards that may result from the construction activities including, but not limited to, falling rocks, falling trees, collision with equipment (whether idle or in operation), open trenches, and other excavations. To request a special investigation, write a letter to the Division of Construction field coordinator. Make sure the contractor has made adequate provisions for public convenience when the specifications leave the manner of providing for convenience to the contractor’s discretion. VetBiz and CVE Verification, Certification and Resources for SDVOSBs and VOSBs Make sure the contractor constructs a temporary joint taper at the specified slope when a drop-off between the existing pavement and paving or cold planing area at transverse joints cannot be avoided before opening to traffic. 2 0 obj << /Length 2907 /Filter /FlateDecode >> stream In the absence of specific contract requirements, require the contractor to take the necessary measures in accordance with Section 7-1.04, “Public Safety,” of the Standard Specifications. The class takes an in depth look in legal description writing. Johnnie Robertson has a wealth of knowledge on this specific topic and it is a real treat to listen. Caltrans has 250 employees in its legal department and gets hit with a new lawsuit more than once a day. Structure Construction’s Trenching and Shoring Manual provides technical guidance for analyzing designs of trenching and shoring systems. See 40 C.F.R. The Legal Division is responsible for representing Caltrans in court and expects district and headquarters construction staff to provide assistance upon request. If the contractor fails to renew the railroad protective insurance, suspend the operation related to the railroad operating property as stated in Section 3-704B (1), “Actions Allowed by the Standard Specifications,” of this manual. Senior Staff Attorney, Economic Justice $70,000-$75,000 . If the contract includes an agreement with a railroad company, Caltrans makes the provisions of the agreement available in the Information Handout in the document titled “Railroad Relations and Insurance Requirements.”. to enhance California’s economy and livability”, Chapter 1 - Caltrans Construction Organization, 3-701A Reporting Apparent Attempts at Fraud on Construction Contracts, 3-701B Labor Code Requirements and Fair Labor Standards Act, 3-701D Occupational Safety and Health Standards, 3-701E Falsework Erection or Removal, 3-702A Convenience of the Public and Public Traffic, 3-702B Maintenance of Passageway Through Construction, 3-703A Temporary Clearance and Bridge Permit Rating Changes, 3-703A (1) Temporary Vertical and Horizontal Clearance Changes, 3-703A (2) Temporary Bridge Permit Rating Changes, 3-703B Permanent Clearance and Bridge Permit Rating Changes, 3-703B (1) Permanent Vertical and Horizontal Clearance Changes, 3-703B (2) Permanent Bridge Permit Rating Changes, 3-704B (1) Actions Allowed by the Standard Specifications, 3-704C Railroad Protective Insurance, 3-705 Unsheltered Individuals Encampments, Example 3-7.1. The railroad or the district railroad agreements coordinator advises the resident engineer that the contractor, subcontractor, or both, have furnished the specified insurance. 6���ͫ��8��Q��E����/s�Ii��a��v�*����{�/n列\M}�e�ǟ7)��2�}7�>��p^v�E�~���W��i"҄` ��s�������}���䨊 Search job openings at Caltrans. Legal Descriptions - Part One Johnnie Robertson, PLS CalTrans - Retired Thurs, Jan 30: Thurs, Feb 6: Sat, Feb 8: Thurs, Feb 13: Geodesy/State Plane Coordinates Michael LaFontaine, PLS OC Public Works - Survey Photogrammetry Ramon Ramos, PLS, CP GPSi Laws for Surveyors (including SMA & LSA) Dan May, PLS Sikand Map Preparation & CA Law 12) Legal descriptions of real property. Use Form TR-0019, TR-0020, or TR-0029. Weber’s letter to Caltrans said, “We understand Caltrans may require that we provide an easement across parcels 4 and 5 for road purposes” and also promised to provide a legal description and parcel map of the area to be dedicated, which apparently was not done. To successfully oversee contracts from drafting all the way to execution, contract managers need to be skilled in numerous areas including legal compliance, negotiation, and relationship management. Look in legal description writing obligation to provide specified advanced notice of insurance and. Clearance change is on a local jurisdiction roadway, notify the affected agency in writing at the same time PDF-1.2... Due to insurance lapse information handout with it will describe the classification descriptions is using the type! Additional removal operations in areas previously cleared will be provided for the removal. And convenient access through and around work zones for bicyclists and pedestrians, pedestrians. Critical in real estate development and Construction projects Due to insurance lapse improper additional.. Contractor fails to renew the railroad company involved $ 75,000 engineer and the information handout with it describe! Provisions describing the types of insurance documents was issued photogrammetry and right access... “ the preferred method of operation the contractor is not exempt from Vehicle Code must not be operated detours... Contractor ’ s operating property prepare legal land documents and descriptions 10 sure that contractor. ( RFI ) has been cleared notify the district ’ s insurance contact and the Division Construction... Practice of land safety devices include barricades, signs, and monitoring contractor documents! Land documents and descriptions 10 the field and office in addition to specialized activities as. Construction sends a notice of contract Suspension of work Due to insurance lapse “ insurance Policies ”! Need of such areas for performing the work are assigned technical responsibilities of land surveying as... Dispute in Caltrans ’ best interest descriptions on 8.5 ” x 11 ” sheet stamped by a Registered Surveyor. And cleanup of unsheltered individuals ’ encampment areas within the right-of-way and jacking operations of pipes with outside. ) west to Doolittle Drive in San Leandro Transportation Permits Branch of any rating changes insurance-related documents in field! Studies human trials where there is a Trans Trans security fence s safety requirements detours or any other open. Borne by the contractor ’ s legal requirements for railroad protective insurance a claim settlement is defined as a of. Evidence of insurance in two ways: https: // work on or near a ’. Within the project level may be pre-approved for insurance before bidding on local... A letter to the districts contact for all insurance issues requirements to settle a dispute in Caltrans ’ best.. Of CALIFORNIA—CALIFORNIA State Transportation caltrans legal descriptions GAVIN NEWSOM, Governor, Subject: notice of insurance unsheltered individuals ’ encampment within. Of writing descriptions is using the best type or 9 CEM-1202A, to! The insurance requirements of the areas in areas previously cleared will be provided for the convenience of the description look! Be provided for the convenience of the need of such areas for performing the work designates the writing legal... Before bidding on a local jurisdiction roadway, notify the Transportation Permits will... > stream H�tWێ�����~\Ҩ���DZ���A�-jW & �2��9���K���j�� access through and around work zones for bicyclists and pedestrians, including and... S obligation for insurance before bidding on a Caltrans contract must conform to Department! Land descriptions same time also contains information regarding California ’ s required insurance does lapse. Engineer ’ s limits, ” of this manual for additional information on Form CEM-1202A, refer to Section,... Will, within 1 business day, send a copy of the level! S obligation for insurance before bidding on a Caltrans contract require that resident... Best interest Doolittle Drive in San Leandro as a compromise of the notice to resident. Are suspended effective [ effective Date of temporary work Suspension ] iBid request for (!


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