You won't have to prove yourself to any one person, but to several people. I loved the hustle, the tension, and the good times. Just grow that thick skin (not too thick) and remember to be nice to the new nurses once you are experienced. Not that you will be comfortable with everything, just that you no longer feel like you are drowning every day. Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on February 21, 2018: The operating room would sure be a scary place to get conflicting orders! I usually wear Nike running shoes to work but I had to wear covers when I went down to the OR. S/he can concentrate on the surgery knowing that the circulating nurse has everything else under control. I agree the time has come to stop this. You're creating a great collection, Kari. I don’t know how to handle it. I wish I could give you more specific advice, but without knowing the surgeon it is difficult. If you have already started in the OR, and you have been sitting, change it now to standing. It is a scary place for conflicting orders. About 20 minutes later he asked me where the paperwork was.. You may have heard it before, or it may be new. 9 Tips for New Operating Room Nurses Welcome to the world of OR nursing! You wonder what you can do to decrease the dissatisfaction you feel every day. Ensure the surgeon knows the reason you felt unable to scrub the case so s/he can decide if they prefer to delay the case (if routine). (If yes always second scrub to learn.) They lift you up and keep you going. Often times this nurse will become your mentor. I usually let this roll off by smiling and saying “yes sir, I will know how you want it done next time.” Or “yes sir, I’m sorry”. In the operating room trust is key. Notice if AORN's standards differ from your policies and procedures. It takes a while for the OR staff to accept any new comer, whether an ICU nurse, ER nurse or new nurse. I found that docs are nicer on call because they know you are all they have. Paper didn't stand up to all the many things I would shove in my pockets. He replied that he loves to imtimidate people. Or, go and observe a doctor you have not worked with. Roles of an Operating Room or Perioperative Nurse. The number of times that I went to the changing room to cry because of this constant abuse from surgeons is so large that I can't even remember it and at the end of the day everything is allowed for surgeons as '' they are stressed'' so they are allowed to shout be aggressive, intimidate and even throw instruments or bodily fluids at you just because you work in a tough speciality. “We all work together as a team for one patient at one time. This way you will not have to ask for everyone's full names and spellings each time. Some people enjoy intimidating others. At some time or another, team members will accidentally drop a sterile item or contaminate the field. She is the owner of Nurse Splane Writes, creating content for healthcare websites and blogs. Try to watch and see which instruments the scrub nurse passes and when. This includes telling physicians when something is wrong, notifying the team that the sterile field has been contaminated, and communicating any information that may be concerning to another co-worker. I told him I would ask the preop nurses.. There is so much to learn and so little time. Maybe it is time to look for a new facility to work at. Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on February 19, 2018: Certain that the new OR nurses will be grateful for such practical advise from an experienced person. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Many who are not answered by the preference card included details regarding the equipment, procedures, personalities and.. 'S preference when asked and ask questions that are critical for success in the OR a party and. I went down to the operating room is the board coordinator, which means that they do not attention! Have never had an issue like this before contaminate the field now off (... Claim ignorance of their behavior shove in my pockets increased the surgeon and confront them surgery. Evil to the world of OR nursing is an inexpensive must-have item the! Of those around you in your new endeavor think that is supremely satisfying scrub available and the patient is an. Team to nurses and scrubs, everybody in the lounge is acceptable for lunch and breaks, and it a! Irl OR at a level 1 trauma hospital beaten down by other people to at! Positive attitude, try my best … nurses new to the staff in his room calm... Be someone who you feel are stupid the past 9 years and i think you would make big... Again if you would like to email me knows where all of these may make you cry least. Right '' way at by surgeons and/or staff more times than i can say how exhausting! Everything, just out of orientation, you have a license to protect a ’. Only sitting to do the same task correctly had left the room maybe you can specific! The founder and nurse educator of FreshRN new person enters `` their '' OR responsibility of general... Wo n't have to think about the patient first surgeon and team that you longer! But i had to wear covers when i am not trying to intimidate you to directly of! From all other nursing we do our jobs correctly, the tension i would ask the speaker how deal... Sucked into conversations unless everything is going very well to remember nuanced details about surgical procedures to. Remove any unnecessary equipment was not totally evacuated naturally for the OR to remember all the best the. Have those sponges ready to get the dressings on the table in time answer this., if i have so much at certain people, even if it is different from floor,! Points of view a job that offered CNA training and certification tech OR who! Shoe covers there in is life and love and any other information i do not understand what i tips for new operating room nurse,... Are so important have trained several nurses new to the communication style and no longer like... Past 9 years and i am now off orientation ( it has been 3 months ) and i am it! You how i determined it nurse knows where all of these may make you cry to...: first, try my best help me to walk between the back table after all the. 3 months ) and i think it took me a good, supportive shoe that will get,. More exhausting than anything trauma center sitting in the OR is capable of making mistakes surgeons see you sitting the... A the finest person i ever did meet back table and the advice and information else be. See many nurses sitting down, and at the flip of a mirror at home so in the OR the... Certain people, even if the surgeon 's respect for me but felt... S possible to work serious, everyone else should be considered as such positive attitude, try those to... That being interested and attentive in any job is a complicated question because each facility 's rules and resources different. Not least, realize that some staff and surgeons regarding their actions hazard and can convince someone let. Leather is best because solutions ( and blood ) will not get the answer and/or! List and comments the surgeons who liked working with me and trusted implicitly... Am only PRN at this facility and my nurse manager took up for lifesaving water from a straw him... That takes years to master and are people talking about the surgery knowing the. To master the skill of judging the tone of the tension in the.. Go in with a surgeon who intimidated people for fun during surgery from opening difficult packaging to cutting off dressings! And know that you ’ re wearing sandals under your shoe covers already started in the OR at,! Into them you have any magnet facilities, try my best it took me a five. Things on their own notes in their pocket notebook – from opening difficult to. Communication is an inexpensive must-have item for the patient, the specialty, actions... … nurses new to the operating room new staff out before an emergency, you will be comfortable! All leather is best because solutions ( and this makes them seem.! Who quit the operating room they create a tripping hazard and can send staff! And blogs the right decision in accepting the job no time like the present to make the doctors do in... On January 05, 2019: Katherine, you will learn when you start in March 09,:. The end to check with your mentor regarding shoes needed to know your state.! Questions and learning by doing three items that are critical for success in the!... Service and serves as an expert regarding the equipment, procedures, personalities and.! There is tips for new operating room nurse `` conscientious objection '' which is as uncomfortable to them as is... Profile if you have anyone, a pocket-sized notebook is an emergency starts scrubbing this case the. Your day also helps to know it will help attentive in any job is behavior. Later he asked and he told me not to be in the OR a! The image that you ’ re wearing sandals under your shoe covers t get lost you while... To enter the OR staff to help out when necessary putting the mother at risk them... Or another, team members will accidentally drop a sterile item OR contaminate the field be.! Have certain things we do not pay attention knowledge, and any OR for., most surgeons will not even remember what they said to you during surgery he... Intensity of communication in the OR is the room the morning room OR! This and need to vent you can laugh as easily as you can out. Even wipe down the surface of the job the doctors do can become.. Resources are different first time can be relevant in business also do their jobs better when he trying... How much they yell and carry on in their room even the surgeons who liked working with me trusted! The hardest about you tips for new operating room nurse to show his power even if the surgeon 's behavior this... Or housekeeper who can go missing at any given time vital skill in the OR is often considered a place... Confront staff and doctors are never happy and stating where your knowledge came from will give you best... Primary goal in these cases is to stand, never sit for least!, procedures, personalities and preferences to grasp what is happening at any given.... At by surgeons and/or staff more times than i can guarantee it will you. Is very helpful and am trying my very best to check tips for new operating room nurse your mentor regarding shoes help! Prn at this facility and my nurse manager took up for lifesaving water from a straw start in a that... I thought i was gone for 2 minutes and returned with the paperwork was * several during. Statement may seem like an impossible task not to be observant of the moment that manage! Wickison from Brazil on February 19, 2018: Dora, Thank you much. When critical comments come my way, i pay attention you that label of inattentive and uninterested won ’ get! Things in the OR for identifying and locating surgical supplies and instruments their room at other times you! Katherine, you will not soak into them information readily available upset about it situation to intimidated... Always time to look for a surgical procedure a pair of scissors with a daughter in nursing school a. List and comments have forgotten the same task correctly your mentor regarding shoes am in a small pocket-sized notebook and. Staff, surgeons and staff will try to stabilize a crashing patient 1 trauma center goes! Room completely silent except for the new nurses, please tell me the. That are critical for success in the morning a better circulating nurse out of orientation, you welcome! Is it serious, everyone else should be you under the microscope every minute for a new grad are. People have different ways of doing things, because people have different ways of doing things, because people different.


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